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e real purpose of cute rubber band bracelets is . 1.Prevent sweat from flowing into players"hands and causing the phenomenon of sliding balls . Because it is custom silicone wristbands no minimum australiamade of high-grade and environmentally friendly silica gel , it can effectively absorb sweat from human body and prevent sweat from flowing into players"hands to cause the phenomenon of sliding balls . 2.In order to facilitate team identification . Street basketball is popular in the United States. As unknown players , in order to cooperate in the game, they need to distinguish who is their teammate , and their mark is the color of wrist band .Street players often have four to five different colors of wristbands in their pockets for the convenience of team formation . 3.To convey the wearer"s beliefs .Nowadays , people have more speech rights , and there are many ways to express their thoughts and beliefs . Because the DIY of cute rubber band bracelets is very flexible , it can engrave LOGO words that people want to express on the wristband , so as to achieve the function of conveying beliefs by the wristband . So silicone bracelets are being sought after by more and more people . Silicone bracelets have a variety of colors and styles . People can choose their favorite colors and styles according to their own preferences . Wearing your own clothes after wearing silicone wristband can play a very good decorative role .    

or livestrong. Black and white stand for standing up and speaking up. Blue stand for beatting bullying. Pink stand for supporting knowledge strength. Blue and white stand for one world one cause Blue and green stand for say no to sectarianism. We can also make our message to express our desire. A silicone wristband can be used as a promotional item for entertainment or sport. It is hot sale as a advertisement gift. Most of the silicone bracelets are of no meanings , people wear it just as a popular jewellery. The application of the silicone wristband. Custom silicone wristband with different colors, logos or lettering is good for promotion of personal or the organization. People apply silicone wristband for Cross-fit , Team Sports, Holiday Decoration, Party Favors, promotional gifts, Awareness, Corporate Trade Shows, Political Campaigning or Memorials. A silicone wristband around the wrist can remind people of what it says.       swirl-silicone-braceletscustomize-your-own-bracelet

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